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Welcome to the site of the WildVerband non-profit organisation

Did you ever wonder what the everyday reality looks like for the people who's lives we are confronted with daily through television, newspapers, magazines and the internet? Did you ever wonder how you could possbilly start to contribute to a better world? A better world that could and should start with yourself? Did you ever experience living in totally different living environments and would you like to share these experiences with others?

Then you came to the right place!

Who are we?
Wildverband was started in 2003 as a workgroup documenting the life of streetchildren in Nicaragua. During this project our activites expanded to a much wider scope encompassing more people, more diverse media and a growing number of subjects. The members of the workgroup then decided to found a non-profit organisation having as goal to build bridges between life in the Netherlands and the different living environments worldwide through the use of a wide scope of information and media.

Why do we exist?
Wildverband was founded because a better world starts with yourself. He who tries to put this old slogan in practice will soon be confronted with many questions. To know where to start, information is needed. The caveat is that a lot of the information we receive is driven by the laws of world news: short and unpersonal reports influenced by news hypes, political and economical factors (for example all the new free newspapers surrounding us today). Wildverband wants to use the internet to create a platform for more extensive, unbiased and non-commercial information about the living environments of the people on our planet. This is based on the idea that this is the kind of information needed to create a personal involvement and understanding. An understanding that might even drive you to work as a volunteer, and involvement that might make you think twice about where you buy your clothes. Wildverband aims to sow the seeds of information without additives or other forms a processing; what growa out of these seeds is whatever you harvest.

What do we do?
Wildverband publishes documents on the internet, in bookform or in any other form deemed appropriate. These publications are combinations of visual elements and text. By complementing with photography what cannot be explained in text and illustrating what cannot be expressed in images with interviews, diaries, travellogues and background information, we strive to make documentaries that are as complete as possible. We are trying to keep these documentaries as personal as possible to allow you to experience the images from distant cultures and unknown living environments through the personal experience of someone from your own cultural background. Through these means Wildverband tries to bring the information as close as possible to the viewer/reader.

How do we achieve this?
The founders of Wildverband start different projects, suchs as the children of Nicaragua project. At the same the foundation strives to give practical and publication support to people having planned and defined their own projects.

As these projects need to be supported financially, Wildverband has found the means to financial independance by offering for-profit photography workshops, project training lectures, lectures about completed Wildverband projects and by the publication of books, such as a training manual for visual communication. All raised funds are used for our non-profit projects. Working for Wildverband is on a strict volunteer basis.

Please take your time to have a good look around our site. If during or after your visit you have any thing you would like to tell us, if you have any suggestions, if you would be interested in booking one of our lectures, if you would like to offer your help to the foundation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WildVerband is made possible by:

Dajo Brinkman photography
Petra de Bruin - photography
Henny Drijfhout photography
Noa Koefler graphic design
Esther Kruit photography
Tom Moerel web design
Werner Rauwerdink visual editor
Maarten Zeehandelaar - photography and copywriter
PeterJan Vermeij copywriter and editor