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Food shortages threaten millions of Kenyans
(Metro, january 2006)

This was the headline of an article in the Dutch newspaper Metro that informed us of the famine that broke out in the northeast of Kenya in January 2006.
The same article related the surplus of corn in the west of Kenya; corn that is mostly sold to neighbouring countries.

Reading this article inspired me to pick up my camera and go to Kenya.
To report on what I think should be and should stay in the picture.


photography: Dajo Brinkman

How does a country end up in a situation like this?
Through a chronic lack of money and misguided policies around three and a half million people came to depend almost completely on the World Food Programme (WFP) and other NGO’s.

How did I end up in Kenya?
The WFP does not have the financial means to help all of these people. In order to raise funds the WFP organised a trip for potential Dutch and Japanese donors, which was meant to give them more insight into the current situation in Kenya.
I was invited to join this trip.

Dajo Brinkman