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It was in 2003 that we first went to Managua, Nicaragua; with cameras, pencils, notebooks, a few prearranged meetings and three heads full of questions. Where do they come from? How do they live? What do they dream of? How do they get on when they've grown up? Who are the street children of Managua?

In 2004 we returned. With more cameras, more meetings and more questions. How would Jesus be? Would Priscila and Juan still be a couple? Would Maria and Eduardo still be alive? Would Kevin have returned home by now? And Diana?

With the support of several aid-organizations we managed to produce images of the lives of children without a home, feeding on the fumes of cobbler’s glue. Those images are presented here. Meanwhile we keep a close eye on the situation there.

The latest news is that Ciudad Jardin, the small city park that so many, especially younger children, call their home, has been declared off-limits to street children.

Welcome to the world of Managua street children.

Petra, Henny and Peter-Jan


photography: Henny Drijfhout